Energy, Excitement &

Creating Memories

Enrich Your Special Moments With Event Sound, Karaoke, Photo Booths, & More

Energy, Excitement &

Creating Memories

Enrich Your Special Moments With Event Sound, Karaoke, Photo Booths, & More

The All-Round Entertainers in Texas

With over 30 years combined professional experience in Radio, Television, DJ, and Master of Ceremonies, DJ LC doesn't just press "PLAY"...he understands people...making every moment about YOU!

What You Get

It's the ENTERTAINMENT that makes the Event!

When you book with LC Entertainment, you are not hiring just any MC with a microphone and a speaker.

You are hiring Quality, Class, and Professionalism - LC Entertainment brings your party or event to life, providing a unique experience that can only be delivered after many years in the business.


The BEST Time of My Life!

I think my guests and I are slowing recovering after an epic (their words) birthday/retirement celebration lead by the Maestro DJ LC!!!

Before the party, I was worried my friends would just sit around and not be actively engaged (that’s why I added those activities). BUT, we never got to any of the name that tune stuff. Didn’t need it! DJ LC made sure of that!!!!

I’m still getting compliments about how great the DJ was — from his set-up, the lights, the music, his engaging personality and just knowing exactly what to play and when to get and keep people on the dance floor!!

I also want to thank Taylor and Katherine for their exceptional customer service, patience, professionalism and assistance in answering all my questions and keeping the lines of communication fluid. I never felt like a “contract,” for an event. Their personalized service made me feel like a VIP client😃 !!

In summary, words are inadequate to expresses my thankfulness and appreciation for DJ LC for making my very FIRST birthday/retirement party a memory of a lifetime. I actually said to my friends that I wanted them to replay all the video footage of the event at my funeral. Seriously…😃 that’s just how awesome it was!!!

Betty P.

DJ LC was excellent!  We received numerous compliments on his professionalism and his extensive music genre knowledge.  His acknowledgement to all the vendors, those working and attending the event and to our LCA event team shows that he’s in a class above the rest!

Thank you for communicating promptly and efficiently on his behalf.  I look forward to an opportunity to work with Lamont again.  I expect to get requests for his contact information well after this holiday season.  We hope our event is as much of a win for DJ LC as it was for us.

Anita BM.

Best DJ ever! He is so good!

Janet JP.

It was just perfect. Lamont is such a wonderful thoughtful person. My own daughter said this was the best meeting she has ever been to and her friends said the same. We've had great positive feedback. He is so special!

Amy C.

Lamont was amazing!!! The meeting was so fun, high energy, smooth sailing, etc. all thanks to him!! I have never had so much fun on a zoom call! And I am on a LOT of zoom calls!! Extremely well done! Huge fan!! Thank you so much!

Catherine C.

DJ LC. Rodney and Katherine, Thank you so much for making Charlie's birthday so much fun! So many of my guests commented that DJ LC. made the party and I agree. DJ LC. Rodney and you, are an exceptional group of professionals. I hope DJ LC. and Rodney enjoyed themselves. We will meet again as I am planning our next get together if DJ LC. will want to come back. Stay safe and strong, fondly.

Kendall S.

Fantastic! LC brought the perfect amount of energy to our meeting. He was upbeat and on que. I would definitely recommend LC moving forward for other opportunities. Thank you!

Melinda S.

I was smiling throughout the entire “business” meeting! And, I kept looking at everyone else who was on the zoom. Those who were sharing their video all looked like they were enjoying themselves and engaged! 🙂 What a perfect way to kick off our service organization’s year! Thank you, Lamont!

Daisy C.

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